CSE-426 Advanced Communications Systems
Course Calander
Home Work # Week Lecture
Out Due Day Date # Topic Remarks
        1 Microwave Radio Communications  
        2 Line of Sight (LOS) Path Characteristics  
        3 Microwave System Gain  
        4 Satellite Communications   
        5 Kepler's Laws   
        6 Satellite Orbits and Classifications  
        7 Satellite Link Models  
        8 satellite System Parameters  
        9 Satellite System Equations and Budget  
        10 Satellite Multiple Access Tecgniques  
        11 Channel Capacity and Radio Navigation  
        12 Channel Capacity and Radio Navigation-II  
        13 Satellite System Components  
        14 Earth Station  
        15 Satellite Transponder  
        16 Satellite Systems - Examples  
        17 Satellite Systems - Examples  
        18 VSAT System  
Week-07 OHT-1
    Week-08   Introduction to Wireless Communications Systems  
        19 An Oview of Wireless Technologies  
        20 An Overview of Cellular Systems  
        21 Trends in Cellular Radio and Personal Systems   
    Week-09   Modern Wireless Communication Systems
        22 2G and 3G Systems  
        23 Wireless Local Loop (WLL)  
        24 Bluetooth and Personal Area Networks (PANs)  
    Week-10   Cellular Radio System Design Concepts  
      25 Frequency Reuse and Assignment   
        26 Handoff Strategies  
        27 Interference and System Capacity  
        28 Trunking Theory and Grade of Service  
        29 Improving Capacity and Coverage   
        30 Improving Capacity and Coverage -II  
    Week-12   Mobile Rdaio Propagation - Large-Scale Path Loss  
        31 Free Space Propagation Model  
        32 Outdoor Propagation Models  
        33 Indoor Propagation Models  
    Week-13   Mobile Rdaio Propagation - Small-Scale Path Loss  
        34 Small-Scale Multipath Propagation and Measurements  
        35 Parameters of Mobile Multipath Channels  
      36 Small-Scale Fading, its Effects, and Models  
Week-14 OHT-2
Class Projects Issued   Week-15   Modulation Techniques for Mobile Radio  
        37 Analog Modulation Techniques  
        38 Digital Modulation Techniques  
        39 Linear Modulation Techniques  
        40 Constant Envelope Modulation  
        41 Spread Spectrum Modulation Techniques  
        42 Modulation Performance in Fading and Multipath Channels  
    Week-17   Multiple Access Techniques for Cellular Systems  
        43 Introduction  
        44 Capacity of Cellular Systems  
        45 Capacity of Cellular Systems-II  
Class Projects due       46-54 Study of GSM -System  
          End-Semester Examinations